Every business requires an online presence. We create various types of websites to suit the needs of any business. Our rates are affordable and our work is of the highest quality utilizing the latest design styles.

Your website is the first point of contact for potential new business. Intelligent web design allows you to associate and communicate effectively with your target audience, delivering your business message and representing your company’s image accurately on the web. After all you only have 10 seconds to, make an impact and convey your message. A great design combined with a user friendly interface is key!


 Things you should bare in mind

1. Your competitors are probably already on the Web attracting potential customers. Even as you read this someone is searching the Web looking for a business like yours.

2. More and more people are using the Internet to purchase products and services and as a means of gathering initial information about products and services. Customers are relaxed because they can read and research at their own leisure. Your customers may visit a number of sites before deciding to buy. If you have no web site, you have no chance.

3. Your web site will promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you’re sleeping your web site can be working for you.

4. Your customers can buy your products and pay for them from their home. It can cost 8 times more to sell a product from a shop than from the Internet. Selling online is one of the most cost efficient ways to do business.

5. Your web site is more advertisement for less money. You can have lots of information about your company and your products or services in much more detail than you’d ever be able to pay for in more traditional media.

6. You can change the information on your website whenever you want. Prices or products/services have changed, and your info is out of date. With print or other media, you must produce new accurate material. With a website, you have maintenance done whenever you need for a comparatively small cost.

7. Your website can reach potential customers locally, nationally or worldwide – at no extra cost to you.

8. Your website can save you a lot of money. Printing of forms or information can be done by your customers from a printable document on your website.

9. Your web site can convey a professional image, no matter how many employees you have. you can present yourself as professionally as a large company. You can establish credibility by putting useful information on your website, or making files available to download.

10. Your web site can help you give improved customer service by providing information visitors can access. For example there can be a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ about your service or product. This is an area that is often overlooked by web site owners. You can put up a FAQ page (frequently asked questions) on your web site that will save you time and money.

11. Keep an email list of your customers and visitors to your site. You can use this list to send out sales, current info, new products, or anything you need to communicate.

12. Use your web site to provide information to company employees. This can be done confidentially by having a password protected area on your site.

13. Your website can keep a track of how many people visit, which lets you know your effectiveness. With most advertising you will never know how many people you reach.