Newsletter & Bulk Email

Sending out regular email newsletters can increase your sales

That’s right, email newsletters or email marketing can increase your sales. By providing interesting news and content, you are essentially adding value to your customer.

Email newsletters act as a constant reminder that your business is ready to provide a service. You can also advertise product launches, current specials, news updates, etc. With email marketing, there has never been easier and more affordable way of reaching your audience with your product or service.

Benefits of bulk email marketing

  • Bulk mail helps to build credibility with clients. Since the company logo and brand names are displayed in a prominent manner, clients learn to recognize the company branding wherever they go.
  • Instead of sending one mail message to 10 users and then repeating the process, with the CWD bulk email marketing campaigns, one electronic newsletter can be sent to thousands of subscribers through the click of a button.
  • Bulk email marketing allows companies to expand their markets beyond local and national boundaries in a cost effective way.
  • Bulk mail creates incoming traffic and is also valuable for allowing, where clients forward the newsletters to friends and colleagues and thus promote your company.
  • It is easy to measure the results from this form of advertising.
  • Build and manage your email list – target subscribers by interest or category.
  • Track your results – see who opened and clicked.

Newsletter design: R300


Sending of Emails Price
1 – 2 000 e-mails R 300
2 001 – 5 000 e-mails R 500
5 001 – 10 000 e-mails R 750
10 001 – 20 000 e-mails R 1 000
20 001 – 50 000 e-mails R 1 500
50 001 – 100 000 e-mails R 2 500